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Each moment of your life is precious and it’s the only once in your lifetime. Pictures help to preserve your most joyous and cherished moments. They are not just pictures but they are your memories.

Moments and You loves to use a soft and natural way to capture people with smiles and deliver the most beautiful and romantic moments of your beloved to be treasured for a lifetime.

Moments and You specializes in shooting engagements/pre-weddings, families portraits as well as landscapes. We are passionate in each photo taking opportunity and would love to make each project a memorable experience.



yiuYiu Yu Hoi was graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a BA(Hons) in Design (Visual Communication) with First-class honours in 2007. He has developed his professionalism as a graphic designer. He is also a passionate and experienced photographer who loves to apply his unique artistic and creative perspective to capture the most joyous moment in life. His extensive skills as a professional designer and his talented eye made each captured moment a timeless memory. Yiu Yu Hoi specializes in a style of simple, warm, yet natural way to capture each touching moments which reflect ‘moments of love’ that will last for a lifetime. Photographs by Yiu Yu Hoi have been published and featured in foreign magazines and websites.

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